Preloading Iron Ore Fines

May 11, 2016

During 2006, the Sierra Grande mine was put in service again after three decades of inactivity then started loading of iron ore fines at Punta Colorada port, Rio Negro province, Argentina, since then we have been working mainly at the request of Ship Owners’ P&I Clubs carrying out on site preloading cargo sampling of iron ore fines as well as attending sufficiently in advance of loading to supervise and sampling the stockpiles in order to comply with international regulations (IMSBC Code).

The scope of survey is in general, to avoid the loading of unsafe cargo assisting the Master to liaise with shippers in an event of cargo disconformities.  

Our Bahia Blanca branch is a strategic location for its best proximity to berth and prompt response of surveyors. Some photos are displayed.

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