Ultrasonic Test of Hatch Covers

September 25, 2022

Our latest Ultrasonic Testing to Hatch Covers survey was carried out on a 35,000 MT DWT five holds bulk carrier built in Japan in 1995 and fitted with folding type hatch covers. The vessel was with cargo of fertilizer in bulk ready to discharge. The result of Ultrasonic Testing to Hatch Covers survey revealed some spot leaks particularly on cross joints. After completing the inspection a general opening of hatches revealed that the packing rubbers were with excessive permanent set leading to lack of compression at surveyed locations. We also noted the application of expansive foam at perimeter joints, This practice is not recommended by the insurance companies. By the end of the survey were issued and delivered on board a Ultrasonic Testing to Hatch Covers survey report containing the areas with spot leaks as well of the ones with lack of compression.

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